Our story does not define us but our actions will.  A reflection of an adventure through the Global Goals to find a Purpose.  How many Goals did you score?  Which ones are left to tackle? 


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A MOMENT OF Reflection … Purpose Passion People Peace

Unravelling the crossed wires that cause destruction in relationships, families, communities, negotiations and business.

Many will try to find quick-fixes to their situations whilst they try and resolve the hidden truths behind the emotion, experience and situation.

On the way, some will loose the will to continue with their journey, some will lash out, withdraw into deep isolation, desperation, depression, others will suffer in pain and illness, find comfort in a support group or mentor, deny their feelings, try and negotiate, feel frustrated and lost, reminisce in the past …

It’s all about You, Me, We. How we interact and communicate with others, our surroundings, ourselves and whether we find peace of mind, body and soul.

RECOVER confidence to accept the choices we are making for ourselves, our family, our business, our society, our country.

We can make a difference it starts with one life, one child, one family, one community, one country to introduce these learning skills to improve communication and other factors to break the cycle and patterns.

Let’s be part of the Solution to avoid hearing more stories of broken lives, homes, businesses and children.



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Purpose Passion People Peace 




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